Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Blog # 1

I chose this course as my First Year Seminar because my entire life I have loved Fairy Tales. I can recall growing up always watching Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and many more. I even played Sleeping Beauty in a play one time at summer camp. I can confidently say that acting is not my forte. Being a beautiful princess and having your prince charming come and rescue you is every little girls dream. Fairy Tales are all about imagination and believing in things even if they are impossible, and I believe that is why I chose this course. I hope to gain a better understanding for what classic fairy tales symbolize and where they come from. When your little everything is sort of black and white. You are able to believe in things that when you grow up you will find out are impossible. I hope to gain from this course a bigger and better meaning behind these stories than just the black and white outline of them. My favorite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty, and not because I was her in a play. Sleeping Beauty in my eyes is the biggest example of good conquering evil. The prince battles the dragon as the town is falling apart so he can reach Aurora and wake her with a kiss and they will fall madly in love. Classic.Who wouldn't want to be saved at the last minute by a gorgeous prince? It is somewhat cheesy to me now but it has always been my favorite.