Saturday, December 1, 2012


Coming into this class in the beginning of the semester, I wasn't quite sure what we would be doing because I had never heard of The Grimm Brothers before. I was excited to learn about the history of fairy tales and where they come from. In high school I interpreted different stories and novels for my English classes, so i knew most of the different approaches to interpretation which helped me in this class. One huge thing that i learned in this class was all the different contributors to fairy tales, such as Basile and Perrault. In the beginning of the semester when read Sleeping Beauty I gave a presentation of the uses of enchantment in that story. The article was written by Bettelheim and gave me a different insight to the psychoanalytic perspective and how much symbolism there is in Sleeping Beauty. This report helped give me more understanding of how to exactly interpret some symbolism related to the psychoanalytic perspective. When we read Cinderella and Snow White I learned much more about the role of women in fairy tales and how that has changed over time. I also learned how Disney used fairy tales to get his ideologies out, which many fairy tale contributors have been doing for centuries. I ended up writing my research paper on this topic because I found it very interesting how women's roles in fairy tales have changed over time. I also learned from these stories how the role of the prince has changed over time as well and how the prince has gone from being a background character to playing a huge part in the story. When we read Little Red Cap and Hansel and Gretel I began to notice the trend of the woods as a symbol in many fairy tales. Also when we discussed these stories I learned how children play a role in many stories, their innocence and naive ways is what many villains in fairy tales find attracting. When we read the different version of Bluebeard I learned how Bluebeard is a reverse fairy tale. It does things backwards. The marriage is in the beginning and acts a punishment, almost trapping the heroine in. It is her worst nightmare. In many fairy tales marriage acts as a reward, but not in the different adaptions of Bluebeard. When we read Rapunzel I really enjoyed it because I felt that symbol of being trapped in your own reality, can be very relate able to many people. When we watched and compared the Silence of the Lambs to Little Red Riding Hood, i enjoyed it. I did not quite understand the movie, but I understand how it could be seen as an adaption of Little Red Riding Hood. Throughout the semester I have learned many different things from the stories we have read, such as symbols, interpretations, and themes. I have learned that in all fairy tales there is a pattern. Many people get fairy tales confused with folklore. They are different, that is another thing that i learned this semester. I really enjoyed this class and I have learned a lot about different fairy tales and what they mean (in the story and relating to real life).

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