Saturday, December 1, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood vs. Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs is a 20th century adaption of the famous fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Many believe that the relationship between Clarice and Lecter can be seen as the wolf and little red. Throughout the movie Clarice is intrigued by Lecter and very curious to find out what makes him do what he does to solve her case. Both stories begin in the woods. In many fairy tales going into the woods represents the unknown, dangers, etc. In Little Red Riding Hood little red is very eager to speak to the wolf and give him information. She is innocent and intrigued, just like Clarice is in the movie. Lecter is fascinated by her innocence and general curiosity. She doesn't necessarily want to persecute Lecter, but learn from him. However; in Little Red Riding Hood, the story ends with the wolf being killed. This could be similar to "Buffalo Bill" being shot and killed by Clarice in the story, because it could be a version of Lecter (the wolf) being killed. In the movie although, Clarice knows that the real wolf is still out there. In Little Red Riding Hood, the real wolf is killed, however; little red promises her mother that she will never stray from her path again because there is still many dangers out in the woods, just like life. Silence of the Lambs can be seen as a recent adaption of this famous fairy tale because it shows many fairy tale qualities and the relationship between characters is the same.

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