Monday, November 19, 2012


This cartoon is using using humor to relate to the fairy tale Rapunzel. It is mocking how many times the prince came to visit her by saying that he shouldn't come up tonight due to her splitting headache. It is assumed that her headache is a result from how many times the prince has had to climb up her hair. Compared to the Disney film there are a few differences. In the film, the main male character is not actually a prince. He is actually an outlaw on the run from the kingdom. Here in the cartoon, the male character is dressed in armor and has a horse, so it is assumed that he is a prince. Another difference in the movie and the cartoon is how long Rapunzel's hair is, In this cartoon it doesn't even reach the ground which means it would be harder to climb up it. In the movie her hair is extremely long and magical. It can heal wounds. No where in the cartoon does it talk about Rapunzel's hair having magical powers.

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