Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Red and Deforestation

 Little Red Riding Hood is a popular fairy tale and is known all over the world. In this environmental cartoon above, Little Red Riding Hood is showing a different approach. The theme of this cartoon is the environment and deforestation. The aim of this cartoon is to show how the environment is rapidly changing. In the traditional fairy tale Little Red has to travel through a thick forest to get to her grandmas house. This cartoon mocks that by getting rid of the entire forest and having Little Red say how deforestation has made it easier for her to reach her grandmas house. I think this cartoon does a great job of getting the point across that deforestation is having a huge effect on our earth. Millions of trees are being destroyed each year across the globe. This environmental cartoon does a great job of demonstrating that. They are taking a common and well known fairy tale to help get their point across that the environment and our forests are disappearing right in front of our eyes. I believe that more people should be focused on the declining state of our environment. Deforestation is getting rid of trees which help produce oxygen. Without trees and plant life, we would all die. The state of our environment is slowly becoming a more well known and addressed problem. This cartoon does a great job of helping bring this issue to the table in a way people can relate and that is sensible. More people will be able to understand the devastation of this problem if they can relate to the way that the information is presented. I really like this cartoon because it allows people from across the world to relate and understand the problem our environment is facing today.
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