Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cupid and Psyche vs. The Frog King

     I believe that the Greek tale Cupid and Psyche is nothing like the German tale The Frog King. There are some major differences between these two stories. A main is the story line in general. There is really no similarities involved in the story line other than the fact that Psyche is a princess. In The Frog King by the Brother's Grimm, the princess drops her golden ball in a well. A talking frog agrees to retrieve it for her if she promises to be his companion (marriage). She willingly promises this because she wants her gold ball back and realizes that this little frog can't do anything if I don't keep my promise. Once the ball is retrieved for the princess she goes back to her palace and leaves the frog by the well. Later when she is eating dinner the frog is at the door and yelling for her to come let him in and keep her promise. Her father hears this and makes the princess follow through with her promise of being the frogs company. Later that night when her father makes her take the frog to bed with her, once she gets to her room she throws him against the wall, then he turned into a handsome prince. When the princess realized this they fell asleep together. The next morning the princes servant, Heinrich arrived with the carriage. He was so overwhelmed by the princes enchantment that he had to wrap three iron bands around his hear to keep it from bursting with sorrow. When they were all pulling away in the carriage, the bands burst because he was so happy his master was back.
     Cupid and Psyche is different in many ways. It is still a more fantasy of a tale, but it is based off of the myths of the ancient Greek gods. Psyche is a beautiful mortal who the goddess, Venus, is inherently jealous of due to mortals constantly comparing Psyche's beauty to hers. She sends her son cupid to cause Psyche to be madly in love with an undeserving man as her punishment. Cupid makes a mistake and accidently causes him to be in love with Psyche. Psyche is obsessed with getting married and because of her immense beauty she is denial as to why a rich and high class suitor hasn't come her way and demanded marriage. They then consulted the oracle of Apollo and found out that Psyche was destined for a hideous monster at the top of the mountain. Once Psyche was taken to her fate, she found pounds, beauty, a huge house filled with everything she could desire and more. Her husband only came at night and would not let her see him. Eventually her husband allowed her to bring her sisters up to her sanctuary and they implanted the idea in her head to sneak a peak at her husband with a lamp at night, and if he was a monster to kill him. Her husband caught her doing this the next night. Her husband turned out to be Cupid. As her punishment, Cupid leaves her forever. Psyche is so distraught and doesn't know what to do she goes out looking for her husband. She comes across Ceres, who gives her the advice to go to Venus's temple and beg for her forgiveness. Psyche does this. Venus makes her complete a few tasks and each time does not believe that Psyche could have completed them alone. Her final task is to receive some beauty in a box from Proserpine and bring it back to Venus to heal her son. Psyche is too not look inside or open the box, but again her curiosity fails her and she opens the box and is put into a deep sleep. By this time cupid is better. He could not stand being away from Psyche so he consults the help of Jupiter, who pleads the case to Venus. She eventually agrees and Psyche becomes immortal and her and Cupid can finally be together.
     These two tales are different for many different reasons. The tale itself is completely different with only a few striking similarities. One similarity I find very clear is the attitude of the princess's. Both are quite selfish and material item obsessed.Once Psyche sees her palace, she doesn't complain at all about not seeing her husband or any one else. The princess in The Frog King is only concerned with herself and what makes her happy. She doesn't intend on keeping her promise to the frog. These stories are inherently different with really only one or two similarities.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Red and Deforestation

 Little Red Riding Hood is a popular fairy tale and is known all over the world. In this environmental cartoon above, Little Red Riding Hood is showing a different approach. The theme of this cartoon is the environment and deforestation. The aim of this cartoon is to show how the environment is rapidly changing. In the traditional fairy tale Little Red has to travel through a thick forest to get to her grandmas house. This cartoon mocks that by getting rid of the entire forest and having Little Red say how deforestation has made it easier for her to reach her grandmas house. I think this cartoon does a great job of getting the point across that deforestation is having a huge effect on our earth. Millions of trees are being destroyed each year across the globe. This environmental cartoon does a great job of demonstrating that. They are taking a common and well known fairy tale to help get their point across that the environment and our forests are disappearing right in front of our eyes. I believe that more people should be focused on the declining state of our environment. Deforestation is getting rid of trees which help produce oxygen. Without trees and plant life, we would all die. The state of our environment is slowly becoming a more well known and addressed problem. This cartoon does a great job of helping bring this issue to the table in a way people can relate and that is sensible. More people will be able to understand the devastation of this problem if they can relate to the way that the information is presented. I really like this cartoon because it allows people from across the world to relate and understand the problem our environment is facing today.
Spikey's Studio

Friday, October 5, 2012

Grimm Brothers vs. Anne Sexton

Anne Sexton and the Grimm Brothers both have very similar versions for the tale of Snow White. Although there are a few distinct differences in the tale. One key difference is the age of Snow White in the tales. In the Grimm Brothers version Snow White is seven years old and in Anne Sextons version Snow White is thirteen.  I believe this could have something to do with puberty. When describing Snow White in the first stanza, Sexton says, "rolling her china-blue doll eyes/open and shut./Open to say,/Good Day Mama,/and shut for the thrust/of the unicorn." This could be interpreted to refer to sex. The poem goes on to say how Snow White is pure and innocent. Maybe the reason that Sexton changed the age of Snow White was so that the princess was closer to puberty and maturing. Another key difference in these two version is what the queen asks the hunter to bring back the heart of Snow White for her. In Sextons version the queen wants the heart of the princess, but in the Grimm Brothers she wants the lungs and liver. The reason for this change could be that the heart symbolizes life and the queen wants to take Snow Whites life away so no one can be more beautiful than her.Another difference is how long it takes Snow White to reach the Dwarfs cottage in the woods. In the Grimm Brothers version it only takes Snow White around a day to reach the cottage. In Sextons version it takes the princess seven weeks to reach the cottage. This could be better to better represent how long it would actually take for a little girl to cross seven mountains. In the Grimm Brothers version Snow White is humble and polite. She only eats a little bit of food off of each little plate because she doesn't want to upset the Dwarfs who life in the cottage in hopes that they will let her stay there. In Sextons version Snow White is more greedy than that. She eats each each chicken liver, fully, off of all of their plates. I believe this is the first evidence in this version that Sexton is trying to change the character of Snow White. Another difference is how the story ends. The last few lines of Sextons version say this, "Meanwhile Snow White held court,/rolling her china-blue doll eyes open and shut/and sometimes referring to her mirror/as women do." Sexton changes the complete character and meaning of the story here. She is taking some innocent little pure girl and turning her into the thing she is trying to run away from. In the Grimm Brothers version Snow White is pure and would never want to harm anyone. Sexton turns her into her stepmother by making her just as obsessed with her looks as the witch. Those are a few of the differences between the two versions. There are a few similarities as well. In both versions the queen uses the same devices to try and kill Snow White. Sexton probably kept this the same because they have no real say into who the characters are themselves. Another similarity is how the queen dies. Both Sexton and the Grimm Brothers keep this the same. The queen is forced to dance in red hot iron shoes. I believe that Sexton choose to keep this the same because it really is an awful way to die and it shows the wickedness and evil that Snow White is starting to show. I believe that the changes Sexton made were in an effort to change the character of Snow White and the meaning of the story. Sextons version is more about how women today are constantly obsessing over their looks and making it so that they become extremely jealous of women who are prettier than them,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grimm vs. Disney

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a classic Fairy Tale. Many people only know the Disney version of Snow White, but before that there were many versions. One of the first versions of this tale is the Brothers Grimm version. There are many differences and similarities between the two. One difference in them is how many times the queen comes to try and kill Snow White. In the Brothers Grimm version she tries to kill Snow While three times. The first time with lace, the second with a poison comb, and the third with the fatal apple. In the Disney version the queen only comes to the house once with the apple. Another difference is what Snow White does when she arrives at the cottage. In Grimm Brothers version Snow White is made to promise the seven dwarfs that she cook, clean, and keep the house running for them in order to live there. In the Disney version when Snow White arrives there she sees how messy the cottage is and decides to clean it for them in hopes that they will let her stay. This could be symbolic of the domestication of women in the time period that Disney made the movie. Women were expected to be homemakers and clean and cook for their men. Another big difference between the two is that in Disney's version Snow White is an orphan, while in the Grimm Brothers version she is not. However, in both versions the King is not mentioned. That is a very important similarity because it reflects upon what could be the reason for the conflict between the queen and Snow White. In Breaking the Disney Spell by Jack Zipes it says that a possible reason for the conflict between the two is their fighting over the affection of the absent king. Another similarity between the two is Snow Whites ignorance. Even though the queen visits the cottage only once in Disney's version and three times in the Brothers Grimm time, each time is too naive to realize that it is a trick. The queen knows in both versions that the girl will not know who she is, even though the dwarfs tell her many times not to let anyone into the house because the queen will try and come and trick her into letting her in. A huge difference in the two versions is the prince. In Disney's version the prince is mentioned very early on and plays a huge role throughout the story line. In the Grimm Brothers version the prince is only mentioned at the very end and plays a minimal role. The prince goes from being such a small part to one of the biggest parts in the story. The mentioning of the prince changes the whole story line. The Disney version makes Snow White into a girl who is waiting for love and a prince, while the Grimm Brothers version is more about beauty and the conflict between mother and daughter. These are only a few similarities and difference between the two versions. There are many more. I believe that Disney diverted from the original tale for many reasons. One main one was too make money. Another huge one was because of the time period that Disney was filming the movie. He made Snow White during the depression. Therefore a lot that he changed had to do with that. He wanted to raise moral of his fellow Americans. A lot about Snow White also reflected things that had happened to Disney throughout his life and he identified himself very closely with the tale. Therefore, a lot he changed had to do with his own experience and wanting the tale to be more of his. He wanted to make a name for himself and he did this through Snow White. Snow White was the first ever feature length animation movie and Disney diverted a lot from the original tale so that he could make it his own.